Why Have this Done?

There are two reasons to considering this process for your exterior wood.  Protection and  Appearance.

Protection:  Water Penetration and U.V. Protection

Whenever wood gets wet, it swells, when it dries, it contracts.  This continual re-occurring cycle will break the connecting wood fibers causing splits and splinters to develop.  It is also the reason for warping, cupping and nails working their way up out of the wood.  Water penetration is probably the most damaging issue with exterior wood.  Our protectant also contains technology that blocks out the sun's damaging Ultra-Violet radiation.  This U.V. damage results in surface graying/discoloring that continues to work deeper and deeper into the wood if not controlled.  Having U.V. is necessary to maintain that bright/new wood look.

Appearance:  Better Than New Wood Look

Our trademark, Wood Re New Look, is a  Natural Wood look, not an off-color/painted look that many products provide.  The protectant we use is a penetrating product that includes a semi-transparent cedar toner.  The toner provides just enough color to provide a "better than new" appearance, resulting in a look that enhances the grain and natural beauty of the wood rather than hiding it.

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